Enhanced Collection Management Features

Digital Collection Migration, Tagged Albums/Tracks, Enhanced Metadata.

  • Digital Collection Upload: You'll soon be able to upload digital audio files right into your Murfie cloud account. With a single click, you'll have your entire physical and uncompressed digital library accessible do you anywhere, without any pesky hardware restrictions.
  • Tagged Albums/Tracks: Goodbye folders - hello album tags. Playlists are inefficient, clunky and a pain to manage. With album/track tags, you'll be able to tag your music (just like a photo) and then sort, filter and create powerful playlists in a snap.
  • Enhanced Metadata: With our new and improved Album Intelligence Engine (AIE), you'll have all the album/artist info you could ever need including wikis, news and trivia, artist histories and chart performance.
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Premium Playback Features

Remote control, Offline Playback, Wider Device Integrations.

  • Remote Control: Control desktop playback on multiple devices from your iOS or Android device while connected to the same WiFi network. Manage playback with ease from anywhere in your home.
  • Offline Playback: Soon, you'll be able to download albums, tracks and entire playlists to your mobile device and enjoy you collection in fully lossless, Hi-Fidelity wherever you are. So no matter where you go, your soundtrack is never far behind.
  • Wider Device Integrations: We can't say much, but we're working very hard on making sure your collection is available to you on any device, wherever you go. This means more compatibility with the worlds best audio hardware brands and smart home devices.
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Improved Discovery Features

Personalized Recommendations, Better Search & Filter, Improved Wish List.

  • Personalized Recommendations: We're improving our recommendation engine to help you find and discover more great music than ever before. Finding your next favorite musical obsession has never been easier.
  • Improved Search & Filter (Marketplace): You asked - we listened. Soon you'll be able to search and filter with greater granularity, as well as enjoy easier access to the best selling and lowest priced offerings in our catalog.
  • Improved Wish List: As music lovers, we're working hard to source highest quality albums - from contemporary hits to rare collectibles. Soon you'll be able to suggest, pin and share items directly to your wishlist. You'll even be able to purchase music at your favorite online retailer and ship directly to Murfie.
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