Murfie partners with Sonos to offer wireless streaming of physical music collections

Largest CD Marketplace Provides Instant Access to CD Collections Via Sonos Wireless HiFi Systems

MADISON, Wisc. – Nov. 13, 2012 – Murfie, Inc., the largest CD marketplace offering a one-stop shop to store your physical CDs while you buy, sell, trade, download and stream your music collection online, today announced a partnership with Sonos, Inc.that will allow consumers to listen to their complete CD collections wirelessly throughout their homes.

Part iTunes, part eBay, Murfie offers all of the perks of streaming and digital downloads combined with the traditional ownership rights of physical CD purchases. “Murfie’s mission is to provide consumers with unparalleled access to and ownership of their music collections in physical and digital formats,” stated Matt Younkle, co-founder and CEO of Murfie. “Partnering with Sonos was a logical next step in our efforts to seamlessly and securely enable our users to transport and listen to their valuable CD collections from anywhere and on any device.”

Murfie is helping consumers rediscover the value in their physical media and start using it as digital currency to expand their music libraries. Since its launch in August 2011, Murfie has attracted thousands of users and received more than a quarter of a million compact discs from music enthusiasts who want to leverage the worth of their physical collections.

It’s free to send in and store one’s CDs using pre-paid shipping provided by Murfie and, upon arrival, all albums are ripped and added to a personal library in the Murfie cloud. Anyone browsing Murfie can purchase albums for as little as $1 while members can sell titles from their collection at self-selected prices and download albums from their library for easy access offline. Members who opt to Go Gold for just $149 per year also have access to unlimited streaming of their collection, free downloads of all purchases and trades made on Murfie and the ability to trade albums with fellow Gold members.

For more information on Murfie, please visit Murfie.

About Murfie

Murfie, Inc. ( develops an online platform that empowers people to buy and sell music CDs, store physical discs in a secure facility, and access rips and downloads via an online account. Murfie’s patent pending process provides customers with the benefits of true ownership of a music collection and the convenience of digital downloads.

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