Pricing structure may be subject to change and may be changed based on feedback.

Basic Fees
Storage: $0.01 per disk per month.
($0.001 each after 100 disks)
Cloud Access: $0.01 per disk per month.
($1 maximum!)
Cloud Data:$0.10 per GB downloaded or streamed
Sales:3% of price
(paid at time of sale)
Sales tax:10% of price can be collected, and all taxes will be paid for you, or you can opt out and be responsible for that tax yourself.
Incoming media:$1 per item
Outgoing media:Actual cost of employee time and shipping costs.
We will honor existing return prices for a period of at least 5 years.
Incoming funds:Amount recieved is added to user's balance
Outgoing funds:$5 processing fee per distribution