Terms of Service


You agree that Crossies LLC (Doing Business As Murfie) has the right act as your agent to store media owned by you. This storage may be done in any manner or place that Crossies LLC deems appropriate. At all times, media we hold for you is legally your property for all intents and purposes until your ownership right is transfered to another party through a sale in the marketplace.

You agree that our database is the sole and final record of the true owner of any item we hold, and no outside transfers of ownership of that media are valid.

You agree that a storage fee for each item will be assessed against your account each month.

Only media produced and sold under a valid copyright licence can be included in our system. Personal media, unauthorized copies, and other media not produced and sold under a valid copyright licence, is not suitable for inclusion in the archive, and cannot be added to your account. Do not send personal media to Murfie. No guarantee of return is made for media that is not suitable for inclusion in the archive.

You agree that incoming physical media directed to your account will incur a fee for processing and handling, even if that media is not found to be suitable for inclusion in the archive.

Murfie is not a "rip and return" service. Media that is deposited, and then returned to the same owner within 1 year, will incur an additional $3 return fee per item.

Your account will be allowed to go negative due to storage fees and incoming media fees, but you will not be able to stream, buy any media, or request any other services while your account is negative. You agree that if the total unpaid fees assessed against your account exceed the market value of your collection, it may be sold in the market to recover the costs of storage.

No storage fee will be assessed on items pending return.


You agree that Crossies LLC (DBA Murfie) may act as your agent to digitize media owned by you and to provide you access to digital versions of that media. You agree that the digital versions of media you own that are made available to you represent the result of work that we have done at your instruction, that you could have done yourself if you held the media physically, and are made available to you only as a convenience. No licence or guarantee of fitness for any use is offered, given, or implied. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the digital versions of media you own falls within your permitted uses under copyright law.

No guarantee of access to these digital versions is made, and you may choose not to have cloud access available.

If you choose to enable cloud access, an access fee will be asessed against your account each month based on the number of discs you own that have available media.

You will be charged for the bandwidth you use while accessing the digital versions of media you own.

Access to digital versions of your media may be disabled if your account balance is negative.


Sales or purchases of media in the marketplace are legal transfers of ownership.

You agree that we may retain 10% of the total sale price of items you sell in the marketplace in order to handle processing and payment of any sales and use taxes applicable to that sale. If you believe that due to your sales on other platforms or your agreements with taxing organizations, that you have the obligation to take responsiblity for payment of these taxes, contact us to arrange handoff of these funds and the information required to pay the appropriate taxes on each transaction.

3% of the total sale price of items you sell will be paid to Crossies LLC (DBA Murfie) as a transaction fee for facilitating that sale.

You agree that transactions in the marketplace may be reversed if there is reason to believe that any error, mistake, or any other type of unintentional or unauthorized action was involved.


No timeline for returns will be guaranteed.

Please ensure that any media you wish returned has a return method in the "RETURN STATUS" column at https://murfie.com/user_info

Marked discs will be set aside as they are found during the unload and audit. The status of these discs will be updated and the return will be locked at that time. Once a full box of discs is found (may be around 450 discs per box), or you have no discs remaining in storage, A shipment will be created.

If you'd like set aside discs sent early, you may request that we send what we have retrieved from storage. Each shipment will be charged at $10 + 39 cents per disc.

Returns requested after Jan 23rd 2025 may be charged the actual cost of the labor involved with processing the return. This price may be significantly higher than legacy returns due to the density of the storage that is planned to happen after that date.

Timelines and return processing may be subject to change due to exigent circumstances.


We will honor your existing customer credits. Additionally, we will give you credit for un-used subscription time, un-used cloud album vouchers, and payments sent to MCRS. The total amount of these additional credits cannot be calculated automatically at this time, and credit will be applied to accounts as it becomes possible to do so. Credit in you account can be used for any service that Murfie offers.

We reserve the right to make corrections to your credit balance at any time if needed.

We cannot currently process withdrawals due to availability of funds.

Withdrawals will be subject to a processing fee when they become available.


These terms were modified last on October 4th 2020 from the prior versions which can be found here:
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www.Murfie.com/static/terms/original_terms.htmlMarch 2020 to October 4, 2020

We reserve the right to modify this agreement and pricing at any time and with no prior notice.