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  • Why Murfie?

    We rip your physical media and back it up so you get unlimited streaming and download access in fully lossless quality. For only $99 per year you get all the following benefits!

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    Digitize Your Collection

    Your collection, stored in the cloud, uncompressed. Includes unlimited streaming and download access.

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    Lossless Streaming

    Stream in 1411 kbps flac using our web player or select devices including: SONOS, Bluesound, VOCO, etc.

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    Unlimited Downloads

    Download your albums as many times as you want in the following formats: flac, alac, mp3, aac.

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    World's Largest Lossless Marketplace

    Browse over 300,000 albums and subscribe to save $1.99 on all shop purchases.

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    $0.99 Direct Shipments

    Ship purchases directly from Amazon, Bandcamp, etc. and add them to your collection for only $0.99.

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    Declutter Your Shelves

    Store your collection in our climate controlled warehouse, or have it shipped back home. Eliminate the hassle of searching for titles on your shelves.

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    Retain Ownership

    With Murfie, you retain ownership to your media which guarantees your right to stream, download, sell or trade.

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    12 Free Cloud Albums

    Subscribe and receive 12 free albums of your choice from Murfie-owned stock in your first year.

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